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Here are some considerations when leasing power washing equipment

Before I retired, I managed a franchising business that was specialized in cleaning cars, trucks, aircraft, concrete and any other dirty items realisticpay. Our franchisees used to joke with me that we were doing God’s job, because God created dirt on the very first day. Since then, humans have been creating structures and vehicles and God’s dirt has been all over everything. We were just putting the equipment back on the ground. We’ll now discuss how to do it efficiently and how to get the equipment.

The cost of power washing equipment can quickly add up. One of our old units was a skid unit with 6 gallons per hour, 180-degree water, pressure up to 4000 PSI. Industrial grade equipment is required, as well as environmental equipment. It could cost well over $25,000 to purchase all of this equipment along with a trailer or vehicle to transport it. Additionally, there were other pieces of equipment that were required for specific types of work.

At various times in my career, I would find that interest rates became too high or that small business loans were difficult to get. Franchisees who were new to the company had to pay the franchise fee and buy the vehicle. They also had the responsibility of securing cash flow until they made a profit. This did not include equipment. They could lease the equipment. However, when you look at the amortization tables against the cost of leasing, it doesn’t always make sense. This is because you pay more in interest over time. There are tax benefits to leasing, however. You can write off the entire monthly payment. It was a straight deduction. However, there were other rules that helped you depreciate equipment that was closed in lease. You can save a lot of tax by purchasing more equipment. Also, more people are able to make that equipment.