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Gold prices create opportunities for you

The majority of people assume that commodities markets, which are dangerous places driven mainly by high-paid professional investors and managers of funds, are safe. They also believe that live silver price as well as the value and importance of precious metals do not have much to do.

Although most people would not advise anyone to jump into gold markets without a lot of practice and training, every working person should keep tabs on gold prices in order to identify ways to capitalize on today’s record levels. Gold’s record-breaking November 2009 price was $1,099, and experts believe that gold prices will only rise as more of the world’s largest economies fail.

There are five options to capitalise on the rise in gold prices.

If you have the ability to control your investments in your tax-sheltered retirement annuity or individual retirement account, consider shifting your assets into mutual funds that are tied directly to precious metals trading. Even though gold prices have dropped temporarily, they promise to rise and maintain their value indefinitely. Recent history backs your decision to hold precious metals funds. In fact, the price for gold has tripled over the past few years.

Don’t let old or broken gold jewelry gather dust in your jewelry case. Sell it to a gold refiner and get cash. There have been many ads on the internet and television promising big money for old jewelry. Although advertisements might exaggerate values and safety a bit, they are still very real: you will get handsome compensation to your old gold jewelry. For silver you will receive substantial compensation, but platinum will earn the greatest reward.

Another option is to pawn your old gold or sell it if you have no assets or credit. Despite the fact that wholesale and retail prices of gold are vastly different, you can still get cash without high interest credit card loans or payday loans.